Check the PGE Narodowy Stadium sightseeing routes!

18 listopada 2021

The PGE Narodowy Stadium is one of the most popular places visited by tourists in Warsaw. The arena can be seen from the inside during guided tours. Discover the PGE Narodowy Stadium sightseeing routes!

Currently, the arena can be visited on route "Feel like a VIP". This route also provides access to the Viewing Point from which you can admire the beautiful panorama of the stadium.

Choosing a trip along this route, you will visit all the places from the "Piłkarskie emocje" route as well as the business spaces of the arena. Our guides will show you the most prestigious rooms in which VIP guests of the stadium sit during events. 

During the trip along this route you will see, among others the Business Club, the most prestigious VIP boxes and sector V, intended for the most important guests of the PGE Narodowy stadium.

Sightseeing time: ca. 90 minutes

Choose a "Feel like a VIP" route, buy the ticket online and visit the largest stadium in Poland!


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