Take a sightseeing tour of PGE Narodowy Stadium and gain a 20% discount for the Easter Bunny’s Workshop!

26 marca 2024

The tour of the largest Polish stadium is a unique experience for all football and music hotheads. After sightseeing it is worth to visit the Easter Bunny's Workshop (Pracownia Zająca), where the youngest visitors will experience fun activities and creative challenges. Since 22 March it is also possible to get a special refund which enables the purchase of tickets at a 20%-reduced price.

Thanks to “Feel like a VIP” tour you will be able to take a closer look at the backstage of the most spectacular sport and music events in the country. Tour leads, among others, through the cloakroom of the Polish football representation where the footballers prepare for the game, the professional zone and the Championship Zone where you can appreciate the replica of the Polish Cup as well as many memorabilia from Euro 2012.

The Easter Bunny's workshop (Pracownia Zająca) is a new attraction on the map of Warsaw, created for children at the age of 4 to 9. During the adventure with Easter Bunny the children will come across creative challenges, motor games and activities and group cooperation tasks.

The event lasts 1.5 hours and starts with a short presentation of the Bunny. During the visit in the Easter Bunny’s Workshop the children will have many attractions at their disposal, among which there is a minigolf zone, pool area filled with more than 130 thousand balls, educational boards’ zone and easter eggs’ design area.

How to participate in the promotion? Buy a ticket for the sightseeing tour of PGE Narodowy Stadium and then show it at the checkout of the Easter Bunny's Workshop which will enable the purchase of the ticket at a 20% discounted price.

If you already have a ticket to the Easter Bunny's Workshop and you would like to discover the secrets of the largest stadium in Poland, bring it to the checkouts located in the main stadium reception area and you will be able to get a tour ticket with a 20% discount.

More information about sightseeing tours of PGE Narodowy Stadium may be found at www.tours.pgenarodowy.pl and about the Easter Bunny’s Workshop - at www.warszawa.pracowniazajaca.pl. Entrance to the attraction is located in the main reception of the stadium located above gate no. 1 which is situated from the side of Aleja Zieleniecka.


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