Sightseeing PGE Narodowy Stadium by people with disability

PGE Narodowy Stadium personnel ensures accessibility of the arena for all its guests on a daily basis, striving for the stadium to be more and more user-friendly for all social groups, including people with disability. The facility is fully adjusted to all special needs, thus, everyone has a possibility to participate in a guide trip or visit the Viewing Point.

If you wish to sightsee the arena, you should be aware of the following information:

Before taking the tour

1. Check how to reach the Main Reception area located above gate no. 1 (from the direction of Al. Zieleniecka), at turnstiles S and R.

2. Select the parking option. Paid underground parking is located at level -4 and -3 (Persons with a disability who decided to use the underground parking, after the visit to the stadium, should proceed to the Parking Service Point at level -3 in order to validate their parking ticket free of charge).

The free parking is located on the PGE Narodowy Stadium's meadows next to the rail station Warszawa Stadion, and it is available during the stadium opening hours with the exception of the dates during which mass events are organized at the stadium.

3. Prepare your tickets. Tickets may be presented in the paper or electronic form.

4. Wear comfortable clothes. The cloakroom is not available.

5. Don’t be late. In case of delays above 15 minutes you may not be able to join the guide and the other tour participants.

6. Go to tour checkouts in the Main Reception in order to report arrival of your group. Use entrance through gate no. 1 to enter level -1 to the checkouts through the elevators from the parking lot at level -4, from where the tour will commence.

7. Use the restroom before taking the tour. Toilets are available in the Main Reception area - it will not be possible later on, along the tour route.

8. Wait for the guide. The tour will commence at the tour checkouts. The guide will walk you through the PGE Narodowy Stadium.

9. Don't separate yourself from the group. In case you get lost, do not try to locate the group on your own. Try to contact the tour guardian, the closest to you persons from the stadium personnel or another guide.

10. Use the Viewing Point. The ticket price for a guide tour includes entry to the Viewing Point. If you need assistance while coming down from the Viewing Point, contact us at: (+48) 22 295 91 47.


People with disability, their assistants or guardians who wish to visit the Viewing Point or take a guide tour of PGE Narodowy Stadium are entitled to discount tickets. They are authorized to purchase a given type of ticket having presented a disability degree certificate and a document with a photograph or ID card. The sale of tickets for sightseeing is available online and at tour checkouts located in the Main Reception area (at level -1).

Note: During group reservations ( or when calling us at (+48) 22 295 95 95 - from Monday to Friday between 9.00 AM –05.30 PM) we encourage submitting the number of people with disability and defining the degree and type of their disability - thanks to this, we will be able to prepare an optimal tour route which will be adjusted to the needs of all participants.

Access routes

Tours start from the Main Reception area located at level -1. The fastest and fully adjusted to the needs of the disabled route runs through gate no. 1 (located from the direction of Al. Zieleniecka), after which one must proceed through the Królak's Tunnel (Tunel Królaka), through the sliding doors located on the left side and continue to the elevator where one must select level -1.

In case of using public communication, it is best to reach gate no. 1 through the following routes:

  • from the direction of Rondo Jerzego Waszyngtona (bus and tram stops – passing by the monument of Kazimierz Górski – head towards gate no. 1.

  • from the tube line M2 and the rail station Warszawa Stadion move along Aleja Zieleniecka where, having passed gate no. 11, you will reach gate no. 1.

Both external and internal parking lot is available at PGE Narodowy Stadium. People with disability are entitled to a free-of-charge possibility of parking their cars in both these areas. They will not incur any costs related to parking tickets.

External parking (PGE Narodowy Stadium meadows)

Free external parking is not ticketed. It's available during opening hours of PGE Narodowy Stadium with the exception of days during which mass events are organized at the stadium.

In case of leaving the car at the external parking (PGE Narodowy Stadium meadows) one must move from the meadows along the rail station Warszawa Stadion where, while passing through gate no. 11 you will reach gate no. 1.

Internal parking (underground parking)

Entrance to the internal parking is through gate no. 1 (level -4) from where one must proceed to the Królak's Tunnel (Tunel Królaka) located by the entrance where, behind the sliding doors, escalators and elevators are located. They lead to the Main Reception (level -1) in which tour checkouts may be found where guided tours commence.

People with disability who decide to use the underground parking, having collected the ticket upon entrance and having completed their visit to the arena, should go to the Parking Service Point located at level -3 (upon exit from the elevator one must turn left) and ask for a free ticket validation.


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