PGE Narodowy Stadium is not only the home of the Polish national football team. It is also one of the world's most exclusive venues for live entertainment and major sporting events. It is here where the best-known celebrity guests of world events appear. 

The "Feel Like a VIP" tour will take you to the most prestigious spots in the stadium and you will sit in the most exclusive areas of the arena, intended for PGE Narodowy Stadium's VIPs, commentators, and fans. You'll feel like a VIP! 

If you are interested in multipurpose sports complexes and want to explore not only the sports facilities but also the entertainment facilities of the arena where you can hold your own event, then this tour is just perfect for you.

Touring time: about 90 minutes.

What will you see?

  • Two or three most prestigious VIP boxes (upon availability: Platinum/Crystal/White Box)
  • Business Club
  • Press Room
  • Press Centre
  • Players Zone
  • The changing room of the Polish national team
  • Wellness facilities
  • Chapel
  • Arrest
The tour is available for:

  • Children (recommended age 10+)
  • School groups
  • Adults
  • Business groups
  • People with disabilities
Call booking only for organised groups: +48 22 295 95 95


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